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Brexit Updates: Exporting and importing

Brexit Updates: Exporting and importing
25 Oct 2019

Brexit Updates: Exporting and importing

Today, businesses can trade between the UK and EU with minimal restrictions. 

How this will change post-Brexit

The UK will trade with the EU on the same basis that it trades with much of the rest of the world - so tariffs, quotas, checks and regulation will now apply. 

  • Similar changes will apply to trade with many non-EU countries, e.g Japan. 

What this means for businesses

Visit gov.uk for step-by-step guidance on importing and exporting from the EU, incl. 

  • Make sure you and/or your suppliers have an EORI number
  • Check the rate of duty and tax (incl. VAT on exports) you will be liable to pay 
  • Consider applying for duty deferment if you import regularly 
  • Check if you are subject to other regulations that are changing, e.g labelling 

You should also visit DIT for guidance on trading with non-EU countries.