25 Oct

Brexit Updates: Using and Transferring Data

Brexit Updates: Using and Transferring Data

Today, EU personal data can be accessed or stored in the UK if it complies with GDPR.

How this will change post-Brexit

GDPR will continue to apply in the UK. However, transferring personal data from the EU and select 3rd countries will now require alternative safeguards pending an 'adequacy decision' from the EU.

What this means for businesses

Visit gov.uk for step-by-step guidance on transferring data from the EU and 3rd countries to the UK.

  • Consider alternative safeguards under GDPR to transfer personal data to the UK e.g. SCC
  • Ensure compliance with 3rd country data protection regulations to transfer data to the UK from 3rd countries

Visit gov.uk to understand GDPR requirements and operating across Europe, incl.

  • Ensuring you continue to apply the same data protection standards as you do now
  • Check if you need to appoint a European representative

UK mobile roaming charges in the EU will not be regulated after Brexit.


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