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We make the whole process of changing accountants seamless and hassle-free for your business

Responsive Team

clear communication

Clear Communication

attention to detail

Attention To Detail

proactive support

Proactive Support

latest technology

Latest Technology

Responsive team

Do you get frustrated because it takes your accountant days or even weeks to return your calls or respond to your emails?

At Melanie Curtis Accountants we understand that communication is king! That’s why we will always reply to your email and return your call within 1 business day!

Clear communication

Does your accountant confuse you? Do you leave meetings feeling puzzled and none the wiser about your accounts and numbers?

At Melanie Curtis Accountants we pride ourselves on speaking plain English to our clients! We want them to have a good understanding of how their business is doing and their taxes! Our clients always leave meetings feeling that they are in control of their numbers and not overwhelmed!

Attention to detail

Is your accountant making mistakes or filing your returns late?

We are qualified accountants, and we all have continuous training, so we are very much on top of our game! Also, we like to get your accounts done early - soon after your year end - so that the accounts are relevant to you plus you know what your tax bill is! You’ll never be chasing us wondering where your accounts have got to.

Proactive support

Do you feel like your accountant isn’t proactive and doesn’t care enough about you and your business?

We know that it’s so important to have a proactive accountant that is on your side! We build solid relationships with our clients so that we really get to know them and so can support them in every aspect of tax and accounting. We are always one step ahead!

Latest technology

Are you drowning in paperwork? Are you spending precious personal time dealing with receipts and doing your vat?

Life doesn’t have to be like this! We use the latest tech to dump the paper and liberate business owners to free up their time! We are also passionate about freeing business owners up from doing their vat returns so thar they can focus on earning money and running their business.

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