Business Growth & Development Services in Berkshire

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Looking to take your business to new heights? It’s time to start planning for the future and embracing change to make your dreams a reality. Let’s aim for the stars!

Management Accounts & Reporting

We are passionate about working with business owners real-time so that they have up to date information on how their business is doing. Yes you have to buy annual accounts but we view these often as a bit of a grudge purchase as you have to have these to satisfy HMRC and companies house!

The benefit of management reports is that they are designed to be user friendly for non-accountants. They give business owners insight into how their business is doing during the year so that they can worry less and be fully in control of their numbers. Some of the benefits of management accounts are:

  • Know how much your tax bill is year to date so you can save for it.
  • If you are growing your sales it’s important that your profit is growing too! Management reports give you valuable insight during the year so that you can change things quickly and maximise the potential before the year end passes.
  • Management accounts act as an early warning signal too - if you’re taking too much money out personally you can fix it, likewise if your profits are increasing and you want to minimise your tax you can take action to do this before your end of year when it might be too late.

We offer options around management reports too including a light version for people on a budget to more complex versions for those people serious about getting brilliant results from their business.


Running a business can be a lonely place! No one holds you to account apart from you! This may mean that you are not realising the true potential within your business, it may also mean that you’re stressed, over worked and not earning the money you want.

The main benefit of our coaching service is that we enable you to spend time working on your business not just working in it like a hamster on a wheel! This powerful process allows you to look at the big picture of where you want to go with your business and then we break it down and together we work on your business to transform it so that the magic happens.

Our coaching sessions take place over Teams and we can do this quarterly, monthly or even bi-monthly.

If you are a frustrated business owner, perhaps working too hard, not earning the money you want to earn and worrying at night this service is for you.

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Business Planning Service

What did you think your life would be like running a business? Does this dream now match your reality?

The first stage of business planning is to map out exactly what you want your business to deliver to you, let’s rekindle those hopes and dreams! Next we plan the business so that it delivers those dreams to you , starting with the big goals and then we break those down into action and goals so that you can then take the steps to achieve your goals.

Most business owners don’t have a business plan. If you don’t have a plan how do you know if you’re heading in the right direction?

For best results it’s great if you combine a business planning session with coaching. That way we can work together to make sure that you’re doing all do the things you said you would do to stop being the technician and start being the business owner moving your business forward.

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Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning service involves us working closely with you on a regular basis as your business coach. This enables you to have structured time out from working in your business to working on your business.

As part of this service we work on your ever evolving business plan and identify aspects of your business that need to be focused on each period, we provide you with accountability and a sounding board. Depending on the needs of your business we can bring in specialists to work with you on any peripheral areas too so that you achieve maximum success.

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Profit Improvement

Mel is a price consultant. This means that we can help business owners with their pricing and so help improve their profitability. Profit improvement runs concurrently as part of our strategic planning service and we also plan to run standalone workshops on this topic to help clients too.

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