15 Sep

Starting your Own Business

Starting your Own Business

Fed up being an employee, thinking about starting your own business?

So you’ve decided to go it along and start your own business, you have a lot of things to think about.

Top tips to get you started :

  • Decide who your target customers are and how your offering will fit into the market in terms of price and quality
  • Think about how you are going to market your business to target those potential customers
  • Look to see what your competitors are doing, who their customers are and how your offering will compare to theirs
  • Create a brand and pricing structure
  • Write a business plan and consider getting a website built if appropriate for your industry
  • Think about when the best time would be to launch your business, consider trends and seasons also your own time available to invest in the launch of your business
  • Decide upon a business structure .. limited company / sole trader / partnership etc. It would be best to get some advice from an accountant to ensure that you choose the most suitable business structure for your business.

If you’re considering setting up in business speak to Melanie Curtis Accountants, we are experts in small business and experts in start-ups.


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