Switching Accountants

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The whole process is seamless and hassle free. It takes little time to come across to us.

Whether you’re self-employed or a limited company, keeping your finances in order is an essential part of your business. As such, finding the right accountant is critical.

Why change accountants?

If you’re not happy with your current accountant or feel as though you’re not getting value for money from your accountancy firm, you need to look for a better fit.

Your accountant is responsible for making sure you avoid unexpected fines, tax liabilities or fees so if they are failing at this it’s time to change.

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The whole process is seamless and hassle free. It takes little time to come across to us.

Why choose us

We pride ourselves on being approachable and helping you to understand your finances and responsibilities without loads of jargon. Our team are always available to speak to you about any issues or queries you may have.

We can cater our services to all budgets and requirements, and offer full accounting and business growth services if required. Your accountant should be helping you grow your business and plan for the future, not just get in touch once a year when it’s tax season!

We are experts in Cloud Accounting so we can help you move your bookkeeping from your paper or desktop system to the Cloud. We offer in-house training sessions so we will ensure that your system is set up and ready to use and that you are fully trained to make your MTD submissions to HMRC.

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"A genuine interest in my business, my personal and business goals and professional guidance in helping me achieve my goals."

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What to look for when changing?

If you’ve decided that you want to move your business to a new accountancy firm, don’t be afraid to meet with them and ask as many questions as you need to – they’re going to be an integral part of your company and so you need to feel comfortable with your choice.

There are several institutions that accountants can get their qualifications from in the U.K. and Ireland – make sure you check their credentials. Melanie Curtis Accountants are ACCA accredited.

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How do I change accountants?

Once you’ve engaged a new account or accountancy firm, contact your current accountant and let them know you’re no longer in need of their services. Your new firm will then send an information request to get hold of all your records. As soon as they have everything they need, they’ll make sure all pertinent authorities are aware of the change in tax agent before setting up new files for you - it’s as simple as that.

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We also offer fixed fees so that you won't be surprised by any hidden extras – and you can spread the payments if that suits you better.