Past experiences with accountants:

Running a business presents an entrepreneur with many challenges, the need for a trustworthy competent accountant is very high on the list of things to do. Sadly, for me and many others my early experiences with two accountants was, costly, painful and very stressful.

Ranking very high were the following frustrations:

  • Number one and the most frustrating experience was deplorable communication skills, not answering emails, telephone calls, text messages and a knock on the office door.
  • Complete and utter lack of clarity for the cost of services provided.
  • Poor, inexperienced and out of date advice on all things relating to business accounts.
  • Eventually putting me and my business in jeopardy because of late submissions to HMRC.

I could go on but, it gets a bit boring, needless to say before meeting Mel Curtis and her team my experiences with accountants was extremely stressful.

The key reason why you should seriously consider Mel & her team for your accountancy needs:

  • Communication: - I have never experienced anything like it, rapid, prompt and efficient communication. It’s almost instant, it’s as if there is someone there to assist you 24/7. Mel will even respond to your emails when she is on holiday with her family, “Bless you Mel”.
  • When you meet to discuss the cost of services provide it is as clear as a bell, a very clear menu for the cost for services is provided. One then tailors and negotiates what best suites you and your business needs. Annually these costs are clearly communicated to you. The costs are excellent value for money and very competitive with the market place.
  • Mel and her team are totally and completely on the ball and up-to-date with all the latest accountancy needs for your business. Quarterly newsletters, apps for your devices and on-line web tutorial services, instant access on the phone or email for any form of help with your accounts and general running of your business.
  • If you ever get out of touch with your accountancy needs or are just too busy with your business Mel and her team will keep you update with HMRC deadlines, your business will not be put into jeopardy if you follow the professional advice of Mel Curtis and her team.

Well done Mel, you deserve reviews of this nature, I trust this review will provide you with the additional customers that you deserve, keep up the good work, my life is now stress free in so far as my accounts are concerned.

Mike Jones AAE, Eng Tech, FIMI, AMIRTE, MSOE, LCGI, ARPS, Director The Pixel Painter